Roast Chipotle-Lime Side of Salmon with Stone Fruit Salsa

Roast chipotle-lime side of salmon with stone fruit salsa.  Where do I even begin!?  The first thing you should know is that historically, I haven’t particularly cared for stone fruit.  Maybe not the best way to lead in but it’s true.  My least favorite category of fruit for sure.  I know that I am supposed to like it.  How can you be from Louisiana and not like peach cobbler, for example?  It was practically the eleventh commandment where I grew up.  Thou shalt enjoy gumbo, jambalaya, po-boys and peach cobbler.  I love the first three but the fourth – mmm, not so much.

But while you might not be able to sell me on peach cobbler, I am coming around on stone fruit.  This salmon dish is crazy good.  And the salsa?  Oh-my-freaking-seasonal-goodness-you-need-to-make-this-right-now. read more

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