Winter Citrus Salad with Cilantro Vinaigrette

I am obsessed with this citrus salad!  It’s the perfect way to combat the February doldrums.  February can a tough month, don’t you think?  The holidays are long gone but spring still seems far away, at least here in New York.  This winter hasn’t been as bad as some but last February, I watched as huge sheets of ice floated down the Hudson River.  Just, no.  (I can hear my mother saying, “Well it’s 65 degrees right now in Louisiana.”  Thanks, Mom.) 

This time of year, when it comes to food, I often want some element of freshness to counterbalance the heavier foods of winter.  Enter citrus!  Citrus is your friend.  This salad is incredibly refreshing, not to mention beautiful.  I am a sucker for color and these colors are pretty freaking fab.  Take a peak at this closeup…  read more

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